Nuvebs Cloud Solutions

Corporate Emails + Files Sychronization.

25GB Email + 30GB Cloud Drive

Get 55GB Total

Individual Storage Blocks

Yeah, that's real! 55 GB (25GB+30GB) not sharing storages. Keep your email storage seperately and Sync your Cloud Files between your computers.

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Nuvebs Mail Plus
With Office Online Editing

Nuvebs Mail Plus combines 25GB Email + 30GB Cloud Drive. With Nuvebs Mail Plus you can create, edit and share Word and Excel files on your Cloud Drive portal. A powerfull toll for you and your office teams that are on the Go!

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Cloud Drive with
30GB extra Storage

30GB Storage: An extra storage, separate from Nuvebs Mail 25GB.

Cloud Drive Software: Windows and macOS ready!

Sync: Keep your Cloud Drive files Sync between computers.

Nuvebs Mail Features

25GB Email

With 25GB of storage and 50MB limit on attachments, you are ready to do business!

Anti-Spam & Antivirus

Say goodbye to spam and viruses. We protect you with anti-spam monitoring and Premium Antivirus.

Hybrid with Exchange® Hosted

Combine Nuvebs Mail and Hosted Exchange® for an economic configuration up to 100GB on Exchange®.

30GB Cloud Drive

Get a separate 30GB Extra Storage and Keep your Cloud Drive files Synced between computers.

Backup & Restore

Retrieve messages using Webmail & recover deleted accounts on your Control Panel up to 14 days, for free.

Mobile & Tablet

Send, Edit & Sync your calendars, emails and more with the Mobile Sync capability with push technology.

Easy to use Cloud Drive

Be productive Any time any where! Create and Edit Word and Excel compatible files and spreadsheets.

  • File Storage
  • Online Editors
  • Desktop Sync

Nuvebs Mail

An affortable email solution with high performance and capacity resources that you need.

Nuvebs Mail 25GB

Take your business with you and keep communication at your finger tips.

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30GB Cloud Drive

A 30GB storage to Sync between your computers and keep everything on the GO!

Pricing Plans Nuvebs Mail & Plus

$3.99 user/month Purchase

Nuvebs Mail

Easy to use, affordable Corporate Class Emails. 25GB per user. Calendar, Notes, Chat & More. Ten users mimimun required. *Discounts for high volume accounts.

$5.99 user/month Purchase

Nuvebs Mail Plus

55GB Total Storage (25GB email + 30GB Cloud Drive) per user. Create, edit & share Word, Excel on line. Five users mimimun required. *Discounts for high volume accounts.