Nuvebs Cloud Solutions

Backup & Recovery PRO

Local & Remote Backup Solution (Hybrid)

Hybrid and Realiable solution

Local and Remote fast backup and rapid restore with built-in compression and deduplication. An unified, cloud-based backup service for physical and virtual servers.

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Backup even large machines in minutes. Backup windows are no longer a worry. Block-level deduplication and compression features move your backups offsite lightning fast.

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Local Restore

Recover exactly what you need. Sub-file-level granularity makes recovery fast. Optional SpeedVault™ local caching makes it even faster.

Reduce the cost and complexity of backup, without sacrificing speed or reliability

Spend less time managing backups

You have more to do than babysit backups. Backup & Recovery PRO backup service gives you back your time

Fast backup, rapid restore

Deduplication, compression, and fast, optimized movement to and from our global private cloud.

Simple, powerful, affordable

No need to manage storage, configure cloud connections, or worry about hidden costs.

All-in-one protection

Protect physical and virtual servers and their applications with a single, simple dashboard.